CPU spikes with H3000 in Studio 1 2.6 on Win7 x64

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      I'm continually getting spikes using H3000 factory in Studio One 2.5 on Win 7 x64 as a VST. Funny thing is, I don't experience this when using Ableton Live 9 on the same PC. 

      I've downloaded the latest H3000 version 2.06

      I'm using an ilok 2 and license manager (r24648)

      Also, the plugin doesn't seem to be receiving the correct session tempo from my DAW – when I select the host tempo knob it doesn't pick up the correct tempo – I have to manually set it!

      Computer Operating System: Win 7 x64

      Computer Processor: i7

      Computer Memorey (GB): 16gb

      Computer Soundcard: rem fireface UCX

      I look forward to any advice anyone can offer as I love using teh plugin but it's unusable for me in Studio One!




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