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       I bought a new H9 Max to use as a multi effects pedal and I'm confused on creating my own customized effects.

      My thinking is more traditional pedal boards, where the effects each stomp box or effect clearly does a single specific effect or an effect type.Software based multi effects pedals like Amplitube or Guitar Rig Pro let YOU define the signal path. They let YOU decide what effect comes first or second or third. It's TOTALLY up to you.

      HERE'S THE QUESTION – I want to make my own effect or algorithm where the chorus comes after the reverb. How do I do this type of custom signal routing with the H9 Max? Do I really need more than one H9 to do this sort of true customized signal routing?

      I don't quite see how this can be accomplished with the H9 max. It says in the manual, and I quote "The algorithms are grouped by stompbox lineage: Space,PitchFactor, ModFactor and TimeFactor plus algorithms new for the H9".    It "seems" then that the algorithms are limited to either a) Space or reverb based b)  Mod or chorus/flanger based c) Time or delay based

      BUT – I want an algorithm to take from ALL THREE, and I want the reverb to come before the chorus and the delay after the reverb. How do I make such an algorithm?  How can I have TOTAL CONTROL over routing the signal?  Does Eventide think I'm going to buy three different H9s?

      Confused in Charlotte

      P.S. – Please answer quickly. If I am forced into some so-called geniuses algorithms, and all I can do is tweak a few parameters, then it's going back to Sam Ash. Sure the preset sounds are famous, but for this much money I want TOTAL CONTROL of the signal path.

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      Did you not research the H9 before you bought it??  You can only have a single algorithm at a time , although there are some which effectively use more than 1 effect, such as modechoverb etc.  the pitch algos mostly have delay as well. You cannot do what YOU want with a single H9.

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      First – thanks for the reply. Maybe there was something I was missing, but I guess not.

      Secondly – any thoughts on where Eventide might go as far as having a way to chain algorithms together? (other than buying three separate pedals and plugging and unplugging jacks). Maybe that's not "profitable"?

      Thirdly – I do like the sounds it has, it's obviously good quality, but I wonder if there's another FX manufacturer that has more flexibility but might be close in sound quality.

      I actually use it for my violin, so I am bummed.

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      Sure there are plenty of cheaper multi effect units with more routing & flexibility but that comes at the cost of sound quality and they don't even come close to the sound of even 1 x H9 in the mix.

      Unless you're willing to go high end- Fractal Audio Axefx 2, FX8 , they sound awesome but you will pay at least 3 or 4 x the cost of a H9 not including all the extra gear you need to control it……

      Would be cheaper to get 2 x H9's and a midi controller with routing like Decibel 11?

      Pretty sure none of the cheap mfx units can be controlled wirelessly with a mobile device and a nice app like H9 control……………

      Eventide has some of the best sounding pedals on the market for the price.

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