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      Finally got my Eclipse last week and I love it.  I was curious if anyone has come up with a preset that allow you to use an expression pedal or CCs create a clean hold/freeze function, similar to what's on the Z. Cat Hold pedal for anyone that's seen it.  Using a delay usually ends up with repeating beats from the trails, and I haven't discovered a looping function that achieves the same thing with the simplicity of just putting a pedal to toe position to hold the note you're playing and down to release it. 

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      You could try using any loop algorithm and patch a pedal to input level and feedback so that when  you want to capture an audio section, input level goes to -100 dB (= no more audio goes into the loop) and feedback to 100% (= audio in the preset delay time frame goes into looping).

      That should make it.



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      yup, that's the way to do it, but try using a reverb or one of the delay plex algorithms instead of delay. you'll get a much smoother sound without the "beating" you can sometimes get if you use a delay.


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