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      I got maybe for the eventide team easy question before I buy a new dual expression pedal.

      First of all

      I have the 4 eventide stomp boxes with I control with my One Control Crocodile Tail via midi set in "midi out" and not "midi thru" because is the only way to work.

      All the eventide are correctly connected via midi and when I press the the banks of my crocodile automatically change the banks in all of the stomp boxes.
      The problem goes when I configured a single expresi?n pedal v?a trs cable and try to control the 4 stomp.

      If I set the devises with "output thru" I can controlled all the effects via crocodile but with the expression pedal can only controlled the pedal connected to the exP, and if I setup AL the devices with "output XMT" I can controlled the 4 with the expression pedal but can't chance the banks with my crocodile

      Hope you can understand because my English is very poor.

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      Eventide Staff

      Your problem is that the pedals will only do either THRU or OUT. You need the first to pass through your crocodile, but the second to send pedal values. Your immediate options are:

      1) Use one or more MIDI merge boxes.

      2) Make up a 4-way Y-lead. This should work if you have a low resistance pedal and can avoid ground loops.

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      Thanks, I will try and let you know. 

      The other option I thing it's buy an jack 1/4 to midi adaptor and connect it on the midi imput in the crocodile tail. What do you think?

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