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      I recently purchased (2) H9s aftermarket. I bought them from two different sellers. I am getting one in the mail today (the Max), and the Core will arrive next week.


      As stated above: One unit is H9 Max, and the other is H9 Core


      For the H9 Max:

      If the previous owner did not deregister his account from the H9 Max, do I need to ask him to do so? Or can I simply make a new account for myself, and register the H9 Max to my account? I know that once a pedal is Max, it will always be Max, but do I need the previous owner to do anything?


      For H9 Core:

      Pretty much the same question from the above. However I will need to register both of these H9s to my new account, so that I can leverage the Max’s algorithms on this Core unit. So I will need to register this Core unit to my new account. Does the previous owner have to do anything?



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      Looks like I was successfully able to register the Max unit for my account. Answered my own question…

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