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      I’ve seen some discussion about consideration for a dedicated FREEZE algorithm.  I have also been thinking about what that might entail; separating it from all of the INF / FREEZE reverb parameters.  The new SIFT algo offerings, as well.

      I use FREEZE a lot for flavoring, with non-Eventide units as well.  I am happy with the variety of effects I can get, using the H90 offerings.  Each one brings its own strengths.  Sampling the input, though, can be very different from freezing a reverb sample, or even a pitch-shifted one.

      What do you think a “dedicated” FREEZE algorithm might need, in your own situation?  I’ll start with a few possibilities, which aren’t necessarily high on my ‘wish list’ (although some are):

      • Variable Attack / Decay parameters.  Not unlike the HotSawz ones.
      • Or full ADSR capabilities.  Perhaps two envelopes.
      • Glissando/portamento between frozen notes are very nice effects.  Time parameter is a must.
      • Maybe an envelope follower would set it apart?  Threshold, then up and/or down to a sustained pitch?
      • Full-on SuperEgo.  Moment & (double-click) Latch are already covered in most ways.
      • And I’m thinking you can already simulate Auto & Sustain modes, by adding a Threshold parameter.
      • SuperEgo+.  Add processing by some other effect to break up the static freeze.
      • Tremolo?  Low pass filter?  Mono Delay?  Pattern sequencer?
      • How about a harmonized frozen note?  Either fixed, or scale-constrained.

      Just tossing out ideas for discussion.  If you’re going to make an entire algorithm dedicated to Freeze, you need something to set it apart.

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      I like most of your ideas a lot.

      Glissando/Portamento would be really cool, same with envelope follower and tremolo and other effects.


      -How about arpeggiating frozen chords?

      -A freeze that triggers a synth. Maybe string ensembles, mellotron, analog pads or choir/voice synthesis.

      -Vowel/formant filters could be nice, especially if they can have movement related to the input signal.

      -Would it be possible to use SIFT technology to track the input signal and use the pitch information (in addition to amplitude) as a control  signal to manipulate the freezed part? Pitch dependent auto freeze? Pitch dependent resonator? Pitch dependent ducking?



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        I am liking these ideas as well.  It’s all going to boil down to how many features can ‘fit’ in an algorithm, that’s primarily about freeze. Then again, we’ve seen a great deal of control packed in; especially with the more recent algorithms.

        I’ve always thought that we were missing a deep, resonant filter in the algos.  And I’ve always wanted a scale-constrained sequencer [hybrid DiaTonic-QuadraVox / HarPeggiator].  But I believe that would be a big ‘ask’ as one part of a freeze algorithm.

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      +1 for this feature

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      This would be an awesome addition the H90! +1 from me as well

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      Herr Mosa

      +1 Great 👍🏼

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      just give us rnbo and we will be able to build custom algo’s 🙂

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      +1 For this feature

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