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      I purchased those three at about the same time, about 4 years ago.  After awhile I found that if I jarred the plug or cord on the power factor on the Pitchfactor it would turn off and come back on again.  I did not worry to much as that was infrequent and I could just avoid jarring it.   But over time it it got worse.  Then the same thing thing started happening to my Modfactor and Timefactor.  Any combination of the three pedals or three adapters, it does not matter, the same thing happens.  It sometimes now does this when I don't even think I jarrred anything.  It is very obvious to me, I will say with ABSOLUTE certainty that at the time of my purchase there was an issue with parts here in production, as all three have the same issue.  I have not been able to determine if it is that all the adapters are defective, or the sockets on the pedals.  I just ordered a 2.5mm power cable extension to test out if the problem is with the plugs on the adapter of the female sockets on the pedals.  I know the problem is there, I can wiggle the plugs in any of them just a bit and and the pedal will go off and come back on.   Out of warranty of course.   If it is the socket it looks hard to get into these guys and look at the socket.  Anyone seen this issue, and who knows of anything that can help me?

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      well I can answer myself, as I have solved this.  the problem was in the adapters.  apparently a bad batch was produced at the time that I bought my 3 pedals, with faulty plugs.  i purchased a 2.5mm male to female extension cord and plugged that into the pedal, and the adapter into the connection.  now my pedals no longer have this problem.

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      Hi fkalich,

      I have the same problem with my TF, thank you for the advice!


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