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      Hi, My Space pedal started to exhibit bad signs tonight.

      I bought it used on ebay in 2018 and used it sporadically until in 2022 I began using it a lot, both as a guitar box and in my DAW setup with synth gear as an effects ins/outs to a mixer.

      Tonight when I turned it on in the DAW setup, the display showed the current program for about a second then went to lines like some kind of code…

      | |  | |  | | |  | |


      – –   – – –  – –

      Those aren’t exact but IDK if it matters. I will take a picture next time it happens but it’s not doing it now.

      I’m wondering if it’s got something to do with my Roland drum kit’s MIDI which I have connected with USB to the DAW PC but… I fear the worst… the beginning of some hardware failure.

      Can someone please tell me what to do?

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      Eventide Staff

      I’m sorry you’re having issues.

      First of all, unless you have a very unusual configuration, it’s unlikely to be related to the drum machine setup.

      The more likely culprits are a) using an inadequate power supply (confirm the issue happens with the factory-provided supply) or b) the cable from the bottom to the top circuit board in the unit coming a bit loose.  If you’re feeling handy, you could see if the issue is resolved by removing the bottom plate and re-seating the cable.

      If neither of those resolves the issue, the best next move is to contact with a photo, confirmation that you have tried the above, and a link to this thread.

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