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      Hi there,

      I use a midi expression pedal (Beatbars EX3), configured to send MIDI CC messages on channel 1, with my eventide H9. This setup works flawlessly when I use the H9 presets where the expression pedal only change 1 parameter (like Reverse Reverb РContinuum). Unfortunately when I use it with presets where the expression pedal changes several parameters (like Master of Bands  РHarmadillo), I experience a huge delay (several seconds) between a pedal change and actual parameters change in the H9.

      I have used Midi Monitor software to look for potential unexpected midi messages coming from the expression pedal and jamming the H9, but found absolutely nothing. The pedal sends only required changes through Midi CC1 Value.

      Does anybody know the reason for this delay and, if possible, how to eliminate it / solve it?

      Thanks in advance for your kind help.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hello Urantia76, if I understand correctly, for the problematic presets, you are sending multiple CC#s to change parameters. I don’t know what’s causing the delay but to try and solve it, have you tried mapping your expression ranges for all the parameters to the ribbon controller of the Harmadillo algorithm and then send only one CC# mapped to “Set to expression pedal” to control all the ranges simultaneously?

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