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      First off, hello to everyone here. I was torn between buying the TF or Soundtoys Native fx bundle. I need a great sounding delay and I thought that by going with the TF and it's midi capabilities, I could integrate it into my daw , or my guitar rig. I haven't had time to incorporate into my computer rig yet, but before I even bother, I have one important question! 

      Why can't I dial in a precise ms delay time? 0-100 let's me dial in any digit but after 100, it starts going in multiples of two, then four, and by the end of the dial it's jumping 20 or more until it hits 3000. Why can't I get 666ms if I were so inclined? I know it may seem pretentious and anal, but I need the milliseconds to be dead on for some of the work I do. I read the manual thinking there was some fine adjust mode but I couldn't find anything.

      Aside from that, I have some upgrade ideas/requests.  

      With the vintage delay , I found that turning the mix knob all the way up and the bit rate down to 7 produces a nice bit mangled distortion that's all the rage right now. However, to me it still seems like I can hear part of the dry signal. Maybe I'm crazy, but it just doesn't sound trashy enough. Could the bit rate be allowed to go lower with an update? 

       A touch dynamic delay would be great as well, speeding up or slowing down depending on how hard or soft you are playing. 

      Thanks for any replies or info. I have around 3 more weeks to find out if TF is a keeper. Hopefully this ms stuff is just an oversight on my part. Peace. 

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       Thanks for giving TF a try and for the ideas. Tweaking delays is a bit complicated but doable. On Page 24 of the User Guide under "Tweaking Delays" it says "With Tempo OFF, the Encoder can be used to tweak the delay time. …. first turn the control knob corresponding to the delay that you want to tweak.. Next, press the Tap FS (TF must be in Play Mode) so that the billboard displays the Delay value. Now turn the Encoder to adjust the Delay."

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       Aha. Thanks! 

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