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      Hi ! I just bought the time factor and I have a question. I find really hard to get the right delay time on the pedal. For example when you turn the knob the timer run to fast and it's difficult to set the time that you want (429ms for example). And the other issue. When you are in the tap mode you can adjust the type of the delay (1/8 for example ) but then you must tap to find the exact time that you want to get. For example I want to make a delay with 1/8* and 350ms time. I can't find how it's done. Can you help ?

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      If you are adjusting the delay times with the Dly Time A or B – if you quickly switch to the encoder knob, then you will be able to adjust more precisely/in smaller increments.  I hope this helped – give it a whirl…

      Good luck – Mike

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