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      Hi, there is a delay when I change presets on my Space pedal.  When I toggle up or down my presets and then hit the bypass switch, there is about three quarters of a second delay before the effect engages.  Is this normal?  Would this delay happen if I set it up to change with midi?

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      I get this too, and I'm not using MIDI or the footswitches (unit is sitting on my desk).

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      These are big algorithms, so there will be a teensy delay on changing programs, but it should not be almost a second. Possibly what you are seeing is the delay before the display changes, which may be longer than the time to change the audio. Either way, don't think that using MIDI will change this.

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      I use Midi to control my space and I do not notice any difference in speed verses using the foot switches.

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      I've never had a problem with this until today. I am using midi to switch presets with a Musicom EFX Mkiii+ and running it out of any loops between the controller and the amp. There is a full second delay between preset changes then the audio switches over. When I click my preset on the controller the display changes at the appropriate rate but there is audible dropout following it now, even when switching between the same presets. Frustrated, I updated the box with no change.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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