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      Eventide Staff

      Please – use the Eventide supplies. If you still have problems, come back to us.

      Not only can we not support issues with other supplies (for probably obvious reasons), it will also void the warranty. No good for you or for us.


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      I use a Strymon Zuma to power all my pedals. Around the time I reported the Bluetooth pairing issue to Eventide Support, I was advised to use the supplied Eventide PSU instead. Having seen it had no effect on Bluetooth, I went back to using both H9’s with the Zuma. It was only then both H9’s no longer powered up exactly in sync like they used to. I have put up with it since then. But now I want to start sync’ing the two H9’s, which I can’t, because the H9 Max is one second behind the Core. I have completely reset both H9’s, but it makes no difference.

      Now I have a second problem. I can’t get into the menus (hold down right footswitch and Hotknob) of the H9 Max by holding tap tempo and Hotknob. If I try to use the tap tempo aka right footswitch, it starts cycling through the presets instead. I just updated its firmware again and initialized it. The only way to get into the menu is to hold down the right footswitch and the black dial together. My H9 Core has no problems whatsoever. Do I need a replacement H9 Max?

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      Solved the second problem, Just lots of pressing the HotKnob button firmly.

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