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      I’ve been using a couple H9’s for a few years now and love them for reverbs, choruses, vintage delays, etc. and I got an H90 a couple weeks back.

      A long-running goal was to use an H9 delay to replace the role of the (huge) Korg SDD-3000 pedal on my board. I’ve had some success approximating the sound of the delay (in my case: lower bit rate, 1/8 + dotted 1/8 in stereo, slight modulation, highs slightly rolled off), but I can’t quite dial in the way that the Korg’s repeats decay and gently fade. It’s almost like both the highs and the lows are cut with each successive repeat so it fades into the mix and sits in a really beautiful way. The SDD-3000 delay somehow is both hifi and lofi simultaneously, and the repeats can be present without muddying up things,

      The Strymon Dig was fairly close but it lacked presets and midi control. (The new version has addressed that somewhat)

      I’ve had the best luck with Spacetime and Vintage Delay algorithms, but the repeats (in my attempts at least) always feel too heavy (handed). Any suggestions on algorithms or approaches to explore?

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