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      Dear Eventide team have you considered to add diffchorus with 8,16,32 allpass delays as separate algo from h8000 to h90?

      i use it a lot in Eclipse and H8000 to add smear and diffusion to delays or reverbs

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi, can you please clarify what sounds you are seeking? The H90 is quite capable of a wide variety of sounds, and I would be surprised if the sounds you’re looking for are not already in the H90.

      For starters, based on your last sentence I would encourage you to try out Blackhole with Size set pretty short (in the 0-20 range), Feedback set to 0, and the rest of the parameters to taste. In particular, experiment with Gravity – there’s a large range of sounds in that particular control. Think of the modulation rate and depth as a tonal control, especially at smaller Size values the Depth knob can be used to dial in the top end separately from the EQ Low/High/Contour controls (I recommend you set the EQ flat to start with, and dial it in last once you have the core Blackhole sound you want… and I recommend cranking Resonance to value of between 20-50 once you have the core Blackhole algorithm set up how you like). Blackhole is equally powerful at adding subtler smears and diffusion.

      MultiTap and UltraTap also have smear and slurm – respectively – that are useful for adding subtle air. Additionally, MicroPitch and H910/H949 in Micro mode can be used for subtle decorrelations, even with modulation turned off – we are seeing wide use of MicroPitch Immersive for a mild smearing effect, and I find this translates into the stereo algorithm when dialed in to taste.

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      ohh… thanks! I just realized that blackhole is set of diffchoruses as i remember 3 of them.

      will check it!

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