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      I am trying to update my timefactor pedal, and then in turn use the H9 control software.  I have Windows 7

      Connecting Timefactor via USB cable.  When I go to control panel/devices I can see that the computer is recognizing the timefactor as an audio device.

      When I open the Eventide direct updater it is not finding any devices.  I also tried updating with H9 control, following the instructions in the video on the Timefactor page, but not recognized there either.

      I have tried with pedal in update mode and regular mode. 

      I also tried to connect using midi -> USB cable, no luck.

      Any suggestions as to how I can get this to work?  Help is appreciated.





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      Well, we have an alternative updater that you could try that only works on Windows.  Could you send an email and we'll send you a link to the alternative updater?  You could just copy and paste your forum post into the email.

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