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      I have a Disaster Area Designs MIDI controller and have set the MIDI parameters in the H90 just as I did for the H9 and am getting limited functionality. Has anyone else tried or had success programming their Disaster Area MIDI controller to work with the H90?

      For reference, I followed the DA instructions for programing MIDI CC’s for their list of previous Eventide devices, those MIDI CC’s are:

      Map Tap Tempo to MIDI CC 44
      Map Performance Switch to MIDI CC 46
      Map Toggle Tuner to MIDI CC 69
      Map Activate to MIDI CC 42
      Map Set Expression Pedal Value to CC 48

      The only function I was able to get to work from the list above was the Tuner using MIDI CC 69. I was also able to (figure out how to) map the Expression pedal control (my MIDI controller has an Expression wheel on the side of it) when I accessed each preset and mapped a presets parameter/s to MIDI using CC 1.

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      I have a MIDI Baby 3 here, rck.  I would think it’d be the same as the H9 setup: On Press – CC Toggle – Channel – Controller – send single value 127 – 0 counter.  I haven’t tried anything with the H90 yet.  There was a weird issue with mine (which DAD addressed immediately via return), where the MB3 got stuck in Host mode.

      Let me see what I can come up with later on with the MB3 & H90.  (I’ve become obsessed with controlling the H90 with a Source Audio Reflex pedal).

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