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      I just recently bought an H9 MAX and a disaster area DMC-6D and am having a lot of trouble setting it up. This is my first midi controller and I'm honestly just a bit lost. I'm also trying to have my H9 pass MIDI thru to my Marshall JVM410h to control both the channel switch along with activating presets on my H9. I've looked all through the forums to see if there were any subjects on this matter, but I didn't find any. If anyone could link me to a different thread if this question has been answered that would be greatly appreciated!

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      Did you read the instructions for the disaster area? I found the manual to be quite straightforward. I'm using a dmc 3xl gen 2 to control my h9 and a strymon möbius (pass through) . Make sure everything is on their proper midi channels!!

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      DMC-6D with the universal firmware only send 2 CCs per channel on the expander port (you need to buy/build a 2-way footswitch to make it happen though).


      On looper mode, I think it only sends midi note numbers.

      On scrolling and presets modes it sends Program Changes.


      Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the best of it with my Eventide boxes due to its limitations, it works well with the Strymon Timeline though.


      I would rather get a Programmable MIDI controller instead or you might want to ask those guys to make a custom firmware where you can send some CCs.




      BTW, What a great update on the whole website! Congratulations to the web devs.

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      lol I forgot this.


      If you just want to send PC (Program Changes) you only need to make sure to have both devices (H9 and your amp) are on different MIDI channels and the first one in your chain need to be on MIDI THRU.

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