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      Anyone know how to build an Aux pedal for the Space pedal? I think it must be fairly simple…

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      OK, thanks… now how do you setup one aux pedal to control a timefactor and space? Is there a stereo TRS cable out there?

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      the aux switch you build will need a TRS cable from aux pedal to Timefactor.  

      Switch 1 Tip+Sleeve, 

      Switch 2 Ring+Sleeve

      Switch 3 Tip+Ring+Sleeve

      You could get a TRS Y cable  but it would activate the aux programming on both pedals at the same time.  Might not be a problem if you don't have both pedals active at the same time.  Although you would be missing a lot of fun and great sounds not running them both at the same time some of the time.

      TRS Y cable link

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      Thanks I will get that cable.

      If I am just running two switches (preset updown) do I need the TRS jacks?

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      yes still need TRS.  Tip-sleeve for up and Ring-sleeve for down or however you program aux switch settings

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