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      Hi everyone! I’m trying to do an external Aux Switch for my timefactor but It doesn’t work. I have a stereo jack connector, 3 normally open switches, 2 1N4001 diodes and a trs cable. I followed the digitech fs300 schematics but when I plugin in the switches and try to assign each of them the display shows “T+R” for a while (while I Press the switch) and then goes back to the previous setting (RNG).
      Any suggestion?

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      Eventide Staff

      Please just buy an FS-300 and save yourself and us a lot of trouble.

      There may be reasons why you can't do this that are beyond my ken. In this case, I would suggest that your RNG switch is probably shorted or, (apologies), maybe miswired.



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      ha ha. 


      I can maybe help, I have made a dozen ‘DIY’ switches.

      I dont use diodes.. but a DPDT for the 3rd swtich (its a $0.50 well spent, imo),,, but the diodes should work fine, if you dont have one. 


      That said- one question- do you get nominal readings with a multimeter?




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      Herr Mosa

      As I want to mount the aux-switches on my pedalboard without additional housing:

      are you willing to post the schematic voodoo for me?!?

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      I am traveling now.. but I can make one soon.


      But as mentioned.. if you dont already have parts- I would use two singles and a double throw switch for this. 

      DO you have parts already, or no?

      And what are you mounting in? Wood? Metal? 

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      Herr Mosa

      No I don’t have the Parts yet – I’ll mount it on a pedaltrain. As I’m electronically skilled I’ll be aware of shorts and do isolate the components.

      I would really appreciate your schematic

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      ok its easy as pie.


      You need AT LEAST one of these:


      But you could use that switch for ALL THREE if you wanted.  But you need at least one. FOr the other two you can use this:


      Then you wire them up… here is a quick skectch… but it is totally easy:



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      Herr Mosa

      That’s great – thanks a lot for the information @camn!

      May I conclude: the DPDT simply closes Tip+Ring simultaneously to GND, just that simple?! 

      As I’m from Germany, I will search for this momentary switches somewhere ’round here. But now it’s clear

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      yes exacly so- the DPDT handles two separate circuits with one press… which is the only special thing about the third switch. 

      There is probably a reason people use the diodes instead.. but considering the DP only costs 4 cents more.. I cant see why we should!

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