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      Hi everyone,

      I just built my own expression pedal from a broken Dunlop Crybaby Wah. Overall cost about 25$ for the parts plus a used Crybaby from Ebay for around 25$ (with some patience).

      For those, who live in Europe (greetings from Germany!): Prices in $ or € are pretty much the same.

      Since the Line 6 expression pedals are around for some time now and they work with the H9, I figured, this should work. So I looked for a good DIY Thread.

      Everything you need to know is in there. Just choose a 20k pot – although a 10k pot should work, too.

      The rest cosmetics: spray paint the pedal with the color of your liking and some clear rim lacquer for protection. Just check the nearest home improvement store. Then make a new top from grip tape for skateboards and that´s it!

      Here is, what mine looks like:

      Have fun!


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      Thanks Andreas! I actually have a Crybaby I don't use anymore and think this would be a lot of fun for me to try out! Thanks for sharing!

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      Thanx for sharing

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