Do I have a ModFactor Tap Tempo issue?

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      If I switch a factory preset to play mode with Tap Tempo/Encoder button set to on for Tap the BPM of the preset shows but when I press the tap tempo to adjust there is no change in tempo.  

      However when I switch Tap/Encoder to off and Hz shows the tempo/Hz is affected by Tap Tempo.  

      I'd like it to work the same with Tap/Encoder on.  Do I have an issue or is this part of the basic set up.  

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      Might the System –> MIDI –> CLK IN global parameter be set to ON?

       If so, try togglling it to OFF.  That's the first possible cause that came to mind.

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      That was it.  Thanks!  I think I changed that parameter when I was trying to find a tap tempo solution to control all 4 pedals while using the MIDI Moose.  

Viewing 2 reply threads
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