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      I have just bought the ShimmerVerb plugin.

      I then set up an iLok account and installed the iLok License Manager.

      I don’t currently have a physical iLok device (I think it is a USB?).

      Do I need to get a physical iLok device in order to install/authorise my ShimmerVerb plugin? Or is there a way to have iLok without the physical device?

      If so, where should I get it? Somewhere online that can post it to me I guess?

      Any help would be much appreciated!

      Thank you.


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      Eventide Staff

      Hi – you don't need a physical iLok to use ShimmerVerb – you can use machine activation. In iLok License Manager, just drag the ShimmerVerb license to your machine locaiton in the left panel.

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      Thank you.

      That is great news!!

      Thank you very much tlongabaugh for your super-fast response.

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      You don’t need a physical iLok, but I would definitely recommend getting one for backup/safety purposes. If your computer breaks down and you have to wipe the drive the contains the licence, you’re screwed (unless you have a backup). You don’t need an iLok3. The iLok2 will do. Have a look on google or eBay. There are tons of places that sell them.

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      Great advice. Thanks!!

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