Does beta Software include bug fixes of Production Software?

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      James Steele

      Hi there… hope someone can answer this.  Seems like a simple question but I just want to be sure.

      I'm using a ModFactor in my rack and have am using continuous controller data generated by an expression pedal connected to a MIDI Raider to control the pedal function of the Q-Wah… Actually i'm using the 13:2 VintageWah preset.  I've had inexplicable volume changes where it feels almost like I've lost signal.  Recalling the patch fixes it, thus I'm thinking I might have encountered this bug fixed in the ModFactor Production software 3.5.0[4]: 

      – Q-Wah: Fixed bug in which Expression Pedal caused volume changes even when unassigned.

      I installed the ModFactor 5.0.0beta[4] software today.  Is it safe to assuming that since this beta version is over two years newer, it must incorporate all the same bug fixes of the older Production Software versions?

      Also, were does one find documentation on how to use the new features in the new software versions (especial the betas)?  In the forums?

      Please forgive me if some of these questions are silly, or the answers are obvious.  I'm doing my best to search the forums to find the answers.  Thanks! 

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