Does Eventide Update Utility 1.6.1 build 14 work on OSX 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion) ?

Home Forums Products Stompboxes Does Eventide Update Utility 1.6.1 build 14 work on OSX 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion) ?

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      I tried to update a Time Factor using Eventide Update Utility 1.6.1 build 14 on OSX 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion). It launches OK, recognizes my pedal, downloads the updates from the web fine, but then hangs forever on "Checking Device" when I try to send the upgrade to the pedal.  The utility did recognize the device initially  (and got its serial number).  I tried many time, power cycled everything, started pedel in update mode etc… No luck, always hung at the same place when I tried to apply the update

      I gave up and dug out a Windows7 box and it updated the pedal the first time using Eventide Update Utility 1.6.1 (Windows version)

      –> Does your utility work on Mountain Lion?

      Thanks 🙂

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      Not sure about the update utility as I haven't used it for a quite while since updating to 10.8 but I do know that the Factor Lib is not supported on Mountain Lion. Sad

      Bootcamp and Win7 are unfortunately required if you want to get the full benefits of owning a factor pedal at the moment.

      I had a few difficulties updating my TF especially with the early firmware updates even with 10.6 and 10.7.  The more recent releases however seemed to upload without to any issues in 10.7.

      I think someone from Eventide mentioned on the forum that these are on the "to do" list.Big Smile 

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      Thanks MadMac 🙂    Yeah, I keep a Windows 7 box handy just for problems like that.  Its a shame support is lagging as I run ProTools, Lexicon editor / librarian and other software on OSX but would have to switch to WIndows to for the Time Factor editor .  I think I'll just program it at the pedal itself

      Thanks again


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      I had the exact problem using the Eventide Update Utility 1.6.1 on OS X 10.8.2.  Luckily, my wife isn't as concerned about updating her computers and I was able to run the utility on her MacBook running OS X 10.6 and the updater worked perfectly.  

      I contacted Eventide support and they confirmed that the EUU 1.6.1 doesn't yet run on Mountain Line.  They're reportedly "working" on it.

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      Thank you for passing that info along!  🙂

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