Does H9 clip under- and over-voltages to its expression pedal input?

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      Based on my research, it looks like more than one Eventide employee has given assurances that it should be safe to simply patch a 1/8″ mono to 1/4″ mono cable directly to the Space’s expression pedal input, in order to use assorted control voltage sources (e.g., an LFO from a Eurorack modular system), and that a range of -5V to 5V should be safe (although won’t produce changes under 0V and above 3.3V) because the Space is clipping the voltages to a 0V – 3.3V range.

      I’m wondering if the same is true for the H9.  Can you safely (1) use just a 1/8″ mono to 1/4″ mono cable, and (2) send voltages above and below the 0-3.3V range?  I would of course attenuate to this 3V range wherever possible, but should I worry about damaging my H9 if when setting up a dense patch I might forget to attenuate the CV or accidentally knock the attenuator knob?


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      As you never got an answer from Eventide to your question, I was wondering if you ever tried to send any CV from your Eurorack to the expression input of the H9?

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      As long as you are happy that the voltages will be clipped to 0-3.3V you should have no problems. Just don't connect 110V AC to the inputs.


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