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      I tried to install Vsig on my shiny new Windows 7 computer and encountered 3 problems.

      1) The download was an unknown file called Vsig2. This proved to be a mislabeled zip file, so renaming it to meant that it could be opened.

      2) On starting vsig it correctly demanded a database, so I downloaded the H8000 database from the Web site and restarted. It still demanded a database. This truned out to be because the default database exoectation is for an sbs file, while the downloaded database was an sbf file. This can be handled by going to Preferences/User Setup and Browsing for the new database (select files of type = text files (*.sbf).

      3) Help did not seem to work – I got the message "Navigation to the webpage was canceled" every time I tried to select a page. This is actually an obscure Windows problem. It can be fixed by double-clicking on vsigfile.chm in the vsig folder, and the un-checking the box that says "always ask before opening this file", open the help file, confirm that it now works, and closing it.

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