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      Is anyone else surprised there isn't one yet? That'd be great for gigging. To have the time show up after 5 or 10 seconds of not being touched on the display. You could just turn off the feature if you don't want it. That would be great! Eventide was even known as Eventide Clockworks! Let's start a petition to get this going!  m/,

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      We've talked about this feature; we know people sometimes have tight time intervals to perform and would like to quickly and easily see the current time sometimes. But the problem is that the H9 has no way of knowing what time it is. The closest we could do is have something like a stop watch that shows elapsed time since start-up or since the stop watch was reset. We could show time on H9 Control in the status bar of course, but most H9 users aren't bringing iOS devices up on stage.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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