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      Does anyone have a schematic for hooking up a drum trigger input in place of the external tap tempo switch? I figure it should be possible with a couple transistors in place of the diodes but I haven't thought it all the way through.

      Thanks, Andy

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      In case anyone's interested…..I've got this 80% figured out. 

      A MOSFET in series with original diodes handles the switching nicely when driven with a monostable square wave pulse at the gate. The signal from the piezo doesn't quite cut it directly, but  feed it a square wave and it tracks the tempo nicely. Now I'm just figuring out how to use the signal from the piezo trigger in the simplest way possible so I can use the drum triggers to do tap tempo.

      Should work with the external tap tempo for any pedals that use this three button switch arrangement.

      Best, Andy

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      That's really cool! I could imagine a lot of uses for that… Keep us posted on your progress!

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