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      Coming from an analogue setup, I'm partial to an AD9 with wet/& dry outs for a room slap, can you get that with output 1 & 2 on an H9 I tried muting the B delays & verbs,  w/no success I'm sure I'm screwing up, would love to have a bypass signal output for the mods etc for true w/dry but thats seems unlikely to be do able am I right?  using the AD9 for w/Dry stereo after the H9 washes out trems etc…funny I also found my EP3 pre amp pedal hardens the H9 when in front of it so its now a post last in line candidate, I guess that might be due to it being a buffer ? …trying to pos the H9 as my swiss army knife on a small board, w/out losing an analogue vibe…not sure if this has been covered and sorry and my bad if it has…thanks for any info…

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