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      I’ve gone to H90 from HX Stomp and have a question about some routing.

      In my HX stomp I was able to route 2 inputs mono to 1 output mono, this because I was using a splitter PRE all my pedals, therefore I could send lets say one signal through all my pedals into Input 1 on the Stomp for some effects, and then have a Dry signal from my splitter going into Input 2 on my Stomp for other effects.

      Is this possible on the H90?

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      Using Insert routing mode, it is possible to use H90 like a mixer by connecting one signal to In 1 and another to In 3. Create Insert 1 and set its Mix parameter to 100%. Create a parallel routing and place the insert before Preset B. This will allow you to process In 1 through Preset A and In 3 through Preset B and mix both signals to one output. Here’s a video explaining how to do this: https://youtu.be/0G_WtfUatSc?t=1190&si=gPg_1S3b1oW-nJPv

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