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      I just got the H90 last week so I’m definitely still in the “figuring things out” phase but I figured I would throw this out in case any of your geniuses know a way to accomplish what I’m looking for OR to lob it out as a feature request for a future firmware update.

      I am using the H90 on a board that is built around the HX Stomp and about 5 other analog dirt/fuzz pedals.  90% of the time, I’ll probably want to use the H90 in dual path mode in the HX’s stereo effects loop (so FX L goes to path 1 and FX R goes to path 2).  The Helix makes this routing extremely versatile since I can use those FX loop paths independently and move them where I want in my overall signal path.  That said, maybe 10% of time (just at home recording) I want to be able take advantage of the H90’s stereo effects.  The challenge that I’m facing is that in dual path, I need to go into inputs 1 + 3 and outputs 1+3.  But for stereo I’d need to be in inputs 1+2 and outputs 1+2.  I understand that H90 can still do stereo in dual path mode, but it won’t work with the cabling I have setup with the HX since it’s limited to just the L/R effects loops.

      My ideal scenario would be that I could just use dual path and choose inputs 1/2 and outputs 1/2 still, so I can use those as two independent mono loops, or bring them together in the HX to do stereo effects on a single path.  I’m pretty sure the only way for me to currently accomplish this is with some type of outboard signal router which while I’m not opposed to it, seems like this should be something that the H90 could technically be capable of given it’s immense routing capabilities otherwise.  Anyone have a tip on how to set this up?  Hopefully I explained my goals clearly.  Thank you!

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      So I did find a workaround for this tonight. I’ve got a loop selector switch. Basically an in and an out with two mono effects loop. The foot switch just switches between loop A and loop B.

      So I routed fx loop L from the HX Stomp to input and output 1 on the H90. Then I took fx loop R and sent it into the loop selector pedal. Loop A goes to in and out 2 on the H90 and loop B goes to input and output 3. So now I can do both dual and insert routing with rewiring everything just one footswitch click on the loop selector.

      Ideally I’d love to lose this pedal and just have this functionality built in to the H90 but it will work for now.

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      <span style=”font-size: inherit;”>It’s an old thread, but I just found myself in the same situation so I’m</span><span style=”font-size: inherit;”> glad I found this!</span>


      Curious what loop selector you used. I’m going to try it with an LS-2 which I think should do the job.


      It would be ideal if this routing could be handled inside the H-90. I’m going to post around and maybe post it as a feature request if it’s not already been asked.

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