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      As the title says, I’d like to request a ducked and modulated delay algorithm. This would be in the general nature of a 2290 or a ducked Rose or a ducked Mod Delay.

      I’m using Ducked Delay to very good effect (no pun intended) paired with things like Chorus Room from MicroPitch.  Something like Mod Delay (or any other delay preset not ducked) can sound too crowded when paired with a modulation preset.  By contrast, Ducked delay stays out of the way when I’m picking through chords and then steps in to avoid an abrupt stop when I rest.  However:

      (1) It’d be nice of Ducked Delay had some modulation when it does kick in.  That’s more of a polished sound  than Ducked Delay as is.

      (2) In my experience, Ducked Delay is not as smooth when using it as a lead/solo ducking tool.  Perhaps that is user error or perhaps a more advanced ducking technique is possible today.

      When I first started using the H90 and it had SP2016, I thought, “Another reverb?  I don’t need that.  The H9 reverbs are excellent.”  SP2016 has since become my favorite reverb, supplanting several of my prior favorite reverbs.  It just sounds that much richer and I didn’t know reverb could.  Whereas there are also lots of excellent delays in the H9/90 already, I wonder if I’d feel the same way about improved ducking delay.

      Thanks for considering this and for making great stuff!







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      Hey Tony, not negating your FR here.  It’s a good one. But I know you’re an experimenter, so here’s something to try out in the interim:

      Use the Omnipressor mode in DynaVerb as your ducking compressor, 100% wet.  Dry through at the Program level.  Then you can pair it up with any number of delay / modulation options.

      Yeah, it’ll use up both slots.  And getting the compression just right can be a little fiddly (just like a hardware compressor).  But I use that for all kinds of ‘delayed entrances’.

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      Will do!

      This is the kind of thinking that makes you the undisputed heavyweight champion of the H9/H90.  It’s also on display in your Dimension DCE-2TB program I just found.  What a beautiful job you did with that Brock.

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