Dumb Question of the Day: H9 Max – TS or TRS 1/4″ into mixer?

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      Hi all:  I’d like to plug my H9 max into my SSL mixer as a stereo insert effect.   The connection on the mixer

      side is DB25, which means I have to build or buy a snake that has the correct 1/4″ cables in and out of the H9 Max. 

      Since impedance is a bit confusing to me, and I have a pro line level mixer, would I still want 1/4″ TS instrument cables

      in and out of the H9 Max or would I use 1/4″ TRS balanced cables. 

      Yeah, I should know this baseline, but I don’t 🙁   Thanks for your help. 


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      Eventide Staff

      The H9 inputs and outputs are mono jacks, meaning TS. TRS will not add anything, but this may depend on your mixer.

      You may need advice from your mixer people.




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      Since you mentioned building your own… this article should be required reading for anyone with a soldering iron. 

      You wanna build stuff correctly, and aoid problems down the road?  Read this over and over until it makes sense.



      Now that you have read it.. you are likely facing an unbalanced to balanced interface, if your mixer is of reasonable quality. You will probably get away with stadard TS cables.. but there are better ways if you run into noise. Hopefully you just read two of them 🙂

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