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      I have a Digitech Whammy which has one midi port….I use the TF and the Whammy simultaneously so is it possible to conect both pedals via midi cable?

      More dumb questions to follow in future posts

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      Eventide Staff

       You can configure the TF to use its "MIDI out" connector as "MIDI thru". If you connect this to the Whammy, whatever appears at TimeFactor's MIDI in will also be sent to the Whammy.

      You will probably want to configure the TF and the Whammy to respond to different MIDI channels. See their User Manuals for more information. 

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      Well …I dont have a Midi setup Im really meat and potatoes (loops and cables)  as far as rigs are concerned . thank you for the reply and thats a lovely terrier! Big Smile

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