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      I've spent almost a year with the Space now. and I just love it especially the extreme sounds. By far the least used algorithm though is Dynaverb so I thought I'd spend a bit of time with it. I have a couple of questions:

      1. How do you use Dynaverb? Do you have any ideas that are worth sharing?

      2. In Omnipressor mode the contour knob apparently lets you fade between feedback and feedforward. Anyone any idea what this means?

      Thanks everyone.

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      I Can feel it, coming in the air tonight? Hold onnn hold onnnnn

      (Duff, duff duff. Duff)

      ….. In other words big 80's gated reverb sounds…. Makes rhythm tracks sound massive. 

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      Okay, we're talking Phil Collins drums here aren't we. I can see the gorilla suit now….

      Have you used the algorithm for guitar at all? The dynamic reversal with a slow release time and some verb creates some nice fade in effects. It can also create some interesting stuttering sounds if you turn the release time down and leave chords ringing.

      The gate can be useful when using a nasty, loud fuzz pedal.

      I've not really found a use for the compression/limiter/expander and I've never really used these before. Any ideas?

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      LOL the gorilla is great in that advert.

      Must admit it is the least used algorithm on my space, not a big fan of that 80's gated reverb sound personally so interested to hear yours and other ideas.

      Apart from the obvious drum sounds, I seem to remember getting some interesting sounds with it for slide guitar… Will have to have another play as it was quite some time ago that I was trying it.

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      I'm glad you got the gorilla reference and didn't think I was just being odd 🙂

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      It's all good man, totally got the Gorilla reference…. So I guess you are from the UK? As ad was for Cadbury's chocolate and I don't think I have ever seen Cadbury's in the US…. Here is the ad for those who are interested….


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      Yes, I'm in the UK. Spend my time listening to way too much psych and shoegaze music. It's a good job I I got the Space as it lets me emulate a lot of the sounds I love from this genre. Inverse gravity on the Blackhole is probably my favorite setting though.

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      Good man! Blackhole and some shoegaze… Some good taste there sir.

      hopefully someone will chime in with some dynaverb advice

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi BarneyBrown,

      1.  Personally I mostly use DynaVerb for Swells (Dynamic Reversal) and for doing stuff like making a room sound bigger the harder you play. 

      2.  There are two classic compressor topologies.  A Feedforward compressor gets level directly off the input signal and uses that to control the Automatic Gain.  A Feedback compressor  actually uses the level after the Automatic Gain to control the Automatic Gain.  So, we took it a step further on the contour knob by allowing you to mix between these two signals.  Does that make sense?  It can be a sublte effect in Omnipresor only mode.   It's less subtle as sidechain mixer in the Reverb Mode. 

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      I have read articles and seen diagrams and for the life of me i still can't hear a difference lol. The Omnipressor sounds really good on Acoustic.

      I find the DynVerb to be difficult to dial-in and always sounds way too obvious. Tap-a-trem is one of my favs but in general i find it  hard to use this Algo in live setting imo

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