Echoes from the past – Binson/Meazzi drum based echo units.

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      Firstly, congrats on another superb pedal.  I now own 4 Eventide pedals including the H9.  I'm a big fan of early instrumentals by The Shadows which featured multi-head echo units (one of the reasons why I bought the Time Factor).  I think the H9 has the potential to better emulate the Binson Echorec/Meazzi drum type echo units of the 50s and 60s using the Ultratap algorithm.  Other companies have made or are making pedals that emulate the Binson so why not Eventide?

      I would love to see an algorithm that utilises up to 6 taps (heads), allows the spacing of each tap to be adjusted, the volume of each tap to be adjusted and the ability to switch each tap on or off to create different combinations of the 6 taps.  I imagine this could also be done graphically using a similar interface that is used in the Resonator algorithm.

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      Hi Egils,

      Thanks for the feedback! Those are great suggestions. Those things might be possible in a new algorithm. For now you might be able to get the sounds you want by setting Ultratap to six Taps and then adjusting the Spread and Taper parameters.

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