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      I just bought a second hand Eclipse (V3.1) and think I am going to have to send it back but I thought I'd run my problem passed you first to see if there is an easy fix.

      When I first put it in my rack it kept locking up after about 15 seconds of being on. It doesn't matter what screen or patch I was in, it just froze after that time.

      I tried all the suggestions from the manual to try to reset it during bootup but none of them worked. I also reinstalled the OS to make sure it wasn't corrupt. A couple of times it froze I got the BADLAG message (which I though had been cured with V3.1 OS).

      I am now getting a couple of minutes out of it before it crashes but during bootup I am getting a checksum error.

      The checksum I think suggests the battery could be on it's way out, but could this possibly cause any of the other problems?

      I did only actually receive it this morning and as it had probably been in a cold post office depot overnight I thought it may have had some moisture or condensation in it and so I was going to give it 24 hours before I return it.

      Thanks for any assistance you can give.


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      Eventide Staff

       This could have many causes, including some of the ones you mention. You could try:

      1) Make sure it is fully dry and at room temp before powering up. This applies to all electronic gear.

      2) Open the unit and check that the battery is present and has not come loose in its socket. If it looks OK, consider replacing it. You will need to do a "clear everything" if you move or replace it. 

      The BADALG message fixed in 3.1 was a spurious report of a corrupted program – real corruption (such as from a bad battery) will give this report correctly.

       Beyond this the unit probably needs to come home for service.

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