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      Which CC-numbers/controllers does The Eclipse support for modulatiing its parameters, via EXT:s,  from for instance a DAW (in my case Cubase 10)?

      The only one for some odd reason that i have managed so far to get to work is CC1, the mod-wheel, have also tried CC4, foot-controller and CC7, Volume without any luck, that is the choosen parameters values does not change. In my case i tried with a reverbs decay-time.

      From the manual, the little that is written about this, i get the impression that you can choose any CC-number you like, but that does not seem to be the case. And since i cant find any midi-implementation chart for the Eclipse, have there ever been anyone?, i have to reach out to you guys here for some guidance 😀

      thanks very much in advance for the forthcoming help 😀

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      I’m not sure if there was ever a traditional MIDI implementation chart, but all of the information can be found on page 45 of the user manual:

      The standard MIDI messages are already mapped by default (mod wheel = CC1, breath = CC2, etc.) but you can map any CC by selecting “MIDI single” and then choosing the CC number using the “CNTRL” parameter.

      For example, I just set ext1 to use MIDI single > CC #43 and now any parameter that is controlled by ext1 will respond to MIDI CC #43.

      Let me know if you are able to get it working.


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      to tbskoglund:

      yes of course i got it working, well after three sessions in as many days but what the heck i got it running.  it was mainly a logical fault in my thinking of how to use the CC-mess/controllers in my DAW (cubase).  Once i got in the right frame of minnd regarding that so to speak, it got the ball rolling.

      it was just a matter of using the cc-messages in the right way set with the right values you can say  😀 😀 😀

      thanks a lot for your help 😀

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