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       Please bring us an editing software fot the next updated version ot the TIMEFACTOR.

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      Just curious, why would you want to use a mouse to edit sounds instead of 10 physical knobs?


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       Some knobs, i.e. Speed knob are not very accurate, thus irritating sometimes.

      The Encoder necessary for a lot of operations is rather fragile, IMO, & therefore won't last forever.

       I'm sure Eventide would make a wonderful editing software, I mean a great tool for users, like all the products they made/make…

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       Hi Alan,

      For me it is easier to compare and tweak two tones, say you like patch x but you would like it with a little extra something then you can copy and paste into a new tone and tweak.

      hopefully then you can name the patches.

      if the computer interface would be just an exact replication of the knobs on the screen and you still have to do a lot on the pedal such as bank changes, then I am not so interested.

      I guess in an ideal world i would like something such as the line 6 gearbox / workbench. they work really well as a computer interface to a musical device.



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      I think, what we need, or like 🙂 would be a software to backup and send sysex-files and – if this will be considered in a future update – to name presets and maybe even see the saved settings somewhere. that would be great enough i think.

      but anyway – if you're into it and find it is easy, a whole emulator software to create presets on your pc would be mindboggling! 😉

      thanks anyway

Viewing 4 reply threads
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