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      When will there be, or where is an editor for the stomboxes?

      I don't care if it's PC or Mac.

      I mainly need to resequence the default presets for later editing/customization for live and studio use.

      I would prefer to not have to use an external preset source to switch the presets.


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      I don't think factorlib is a true editor.

      I'm looking for an editor for adjusting all parameters and then dumping – rather than just rearranging or archiving patches.

      Does factorlib also act as an editor, or is there some other way to tweak settings on the computer, and then dump to the factors?


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      I made an editor of sorts using TouchOSC and an iPad – although I think TouchOSC will is available for non-iOS devices as well. The companion desktop app allows you to create and assign any number of midi-cc outputs. More info here: http://hexler.net/software/touchosc

      The most time consuming part was configuring unique cc's for the controls in my TimeFactor and PitchFactor. (This could be a very useful feature in a genuine software editor librarian) I realize I could have used separate midi channels, but chose not to.

      I essentially designed the knobs/sliders as a performance interface, but realized it could be used more effectively as an editing interface by saving a preset once an interesting sound had been created. I put 2 Factor pedals on one page, but could also have separated them onto separate pages within TouchOsc.

      Short video (playing guitar one-handed) at the link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oe7YV66DE9w

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      This is awesome!

      Great work!

      If it's possible to name the controller mappings and save presets to/from the stomps, then that would be ideal.

      I think with TouchOSC it's possible to animate all parameters, correct?  Then this would lead to even more dynamic creative uses than just using controller pedals.

      Thanks, and let me know if you ever make it available.


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      I just installed FactorLib 1.8.0.

      Under the view menu you can select "edit console."  This choice is greyed out  unless you have a factor pedal tied into your computer via USB (or MIDI I suppose).

      Anyway, the edit console shows you the factor knobs. If you "turn" them with the mouse the settings will change in the pedal along with the screen. You can save the altered preset file so it can be loaded back to the pedal later. I don't think you can change the algorithm with the edit console, just the parameters. It's a step toward a graphical computer-based editor.

      I'd guess this only works for v3 firmware. I haven't seen this feature documented by Eventide.

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      @dgervasi – can you share that app?  it looks awesome!

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      http://hexler.net/software/touchosc is the link to TouchOSC for editing/installing and information on how to connect.

      This is a link to my actual file: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/22949364/New%20Guitar%20Rig.touchosc

      I have recently added all four factors, with an additional program change page, and a keyboard page, which I am still de-bugging. The Factor control pages use my custom cc assignments, but they are easily modified using the editor software.

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