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      Hey guys! I hope this post finds everyone of you well !!! Since i am locked down i found the time to write my thought and a desire from Eventide. I am a happy owner of the fantastic Echoplex Digital Pro Plus looper. My friends, i can tell you only that: This looper is a time machine!!! The software of this machine is fantastic!!! Every day i spend with it i am surprised on how many possibilities this looper offers..!! and this came from a guy who have the H8000fw, the H3500fw and the looper of the Timefactor.. Really! i am very much into looping since i am looping with my H8000fw build in sampler programs BUT i am amazed on what the EDP Plus can do!! I want to ask from Eventide to contact the developer of the Echoplex Digital Pro Plus and to build this looper as an algorithm for the H9 and as a plug in!! Guys, if you are with me for having such a powerful looper algorithm in our Eventides, please press “like” or write a comment in order to be heard from Eventide and do this great looper for us possible! …now you will say to me that since i am already an EDP owner why do i want it from Eventide? the EDP is an old machine and the hardware needs some improvements..like the ability to handle true line levels (since the old hardware of this machine can’t accept high levels), to be stereo since the EDP is a mono machine (imagine a Stereo EDP algorithm with it’s Sync functions..WOW!!), to have an up to date interface (the EDP have a small screen..imagine the user interface of the Eventide H9 app for such a powerful looper..wow!!!).. You guys who already own this fantastic time machine. please write your comments for what a fantastic machine the EDP is and to ask from Eventide to build for us such a wonderful algorithm..!!

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