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       Hi all, I've been using the TF in front of my amp as it has no effects loop (TopHat Ambassador) but I am going to try it on a new Marshall JVM205H tonight and it will be in a loop. Frist I want to make sure I have this right and there is a question attached as well:

      It should go in the parallel loop not the serial correct?

      The mix on all presets should then be changed to 100% wet correct?

      My only problem (unless I am wrong about either of the above) is that I get a lot of use out of controlling the mix with my expression pedal and it seems that I will be losing this functionality? 

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      you can use any of them, provided the right settings. When a parallel loop is available though, it's recommended over serial ones for time domain FX.

      When using a parralell loop, set/dry should be set on 100% wet as the dry is already provided by the internal circuit in the amp.

      Well…. life is made of choices! Something gained and something lost!

      The audio quality you'll get from a parallel loop is much higher though.

      I would go for parallel without hesitating a second. You may want to experiment and decide what's your choice. Isn't that nice?


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