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      First of all, sorry for my poor english. I hope you understand what I am trying to ask…:-)

      Doe anybody of you use the new Electro Harmonix 8 Step Program for controling the Eventide Modfactor? How dou you set up the Modfactor, witch sounds…?

      Thank you!!

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      have only tested the 8 STep Program with the TimeFactor. Works very well.

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      I'm using the 8 Step Program with the PitchFactor.  It's the most versatile stompbox pedal accessory that I've ever used.  It can control anything that an expression pedal can (which is nearly any 'Factor parameter).

      And every 8 Step Program parameter can be controlled over MIDI.  There are an astounding number of ways to use it.  You'll find that there will be a way to do most anything you can imagine using an 8 Step Program with a ModFactor.

      I have created new effects in the PitchFactor that would be impossible without 8 Step control.  It's like building your own modifications to the 'Factor algorithms.  The key is to just dive in and learn how both pedals work together as a unit.

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      Here's hoping Eventide build a step sequencer algo. Hopefully with more than 8 steps. Hats off to EHX though for creating theirs. It's a cool effect that allows guitars to explore other genres.

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      I just came across the EH 8 Step Program 

      today on the web. My first though was "I bet I could get my factor pedals to do some great things with that EH pedal". Later when I came back to my computer I started to search around the web seeing if anyone had been using both the EH and the factor series pedals together.  I am now getting even more excited about the prospects of such a combination. I am now going to pop back over to the EH website and read the 8 Step Program  information to see how well it integrates with midi also.

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