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      I am running the demo of Elevate planning to buy  it but have a ?

      I don’t seem to see a way to set a target LUF for the output.

      How can I do that?.  Is this not something it has in it?

      If not will that be added to it soon?

      I have been playing with it for the end mastering for some youtube videos we make using it as a audio plugin in used in DaVinci Resolve video editing program on my Mac Mini M1. Also using UltraChannel in it as this is working great for Video talkovers and mixing miked talking videos parts.

      Also playing with it in Logic as well for making some of the music we use for the background music for our videos.

      Will be making other music as well that would need different LUF settings for different streaming services.


      Also a question on Generate I plan to also buy soon .. Any good places to get more free presets or some paid good collections?

      Anyway to do a Text to wave for making voice talking or singing synth sounds in it something like what Vital has? Been spending a lot of time comparing Generate to a few other items like Vital, Serum, Pigments and Phase Plant and Generate seems to knock out some cool sounds the others can not seem to make very easy.





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      Eventide Staff

      Hi EddieM,

      I’m glad Elevate is working well for you, and thanks for the feature request for LUFS metering.  We’ve had a couple requests for that and I’ll look into it.

      Regarding Generate presets… There are a couple free preset packs out there for Pendulate and Generate.  The Pendulate presets will run in Generate, in Generate you can even play them in Poly mode and add effects and extra modulation if you’re interested.  Here are a few:

      Chaos Theory, 40 Free Presets For Eventide & Newfangled Audio Pendulate Synthesizer



      There are also some paid preset packs from our friends at SonalSystem.  Specifically the Disa-Rayd, Abyss, and NightFall packs.


      Abyss – Presets for Generate

      Nightfall – Presets for Generate


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        Loving Generate. It’s amazing! Very inspiring instrument. Fantastic presets and sound quality.
        Just upgraded from Elevate Bundle. Thanks for extra 10$ coupon.

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        Eventide Staff


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