Enhancements for Split EQ: Latency Quality Modes, Dynamics and Additional Bands

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      I really love the SplitEQ plugin. It is truly fantastic and has greatly enhanced my music production workflow.

      However, I would like to share some ideas and suggestions with you which could further improve the plugin:

      There are situations where I wish for a dynamic option for individual bands. Similar to a regular EQ, there are times when cutting the transients statically results in a loss of punch, especially in drums. To overcome this issue, I occasionally split the signal into two parallels and dynamically process the transients using a separate plugin like “soothe.” However, this approach is cumbersome and CPU-intensive. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate it if you could integrate a dynamic option for individual bands into the SplitEQ plugin.

      Furthermore, it would be fantastic to have the option to add additional bands. Often, I find that I need 1-2 extra bands to better control certain frequencies. In such cases, loading another instance of the SplitEQ plugin doesn’t feel ideal. While I understand the concept of a practical 8-band setup, I believe it would be beneficial to keep the option open for adding extra bands using a plus symbol (+) when needed.

      Lastely I am curious to know if there are any updates or plans in the pipeline to address this latency concern. Minimizing or optimizing the latency would undoubtedly enhance the usability of the plugin, especially when working with numerous instances on different tracks.

      One idea would be to introduce a “normal quality” and “high quality” mode within the plugin. In the “normal quality” mode, users would have the flexibility to make adjustments and fine-tune the settings with reduced latency. This mode could be optimized for real-time performance, allowing for smoother operation, especially when using multiple instances of Split EQ on different tracks. However users could switch to the “high quality” mode at any time or set it as an option for the offline rendering process. In this mode, the plugin would apply the full, high-quality split processing, ensuring that the final result benefits from the optimal sound quality that Split EQ offers. By implementing this feature, users would have the convenience of working with lower latency during the performance phase while still having access to the full split quality in the end result.

      I hope you find these suggestions helpful and consider incorporating them into future updates of the Split EQ plugin. Once again, thank you for your outstanding work in developing this plugin. I am thrilled with the results I can achieve with it and look forward to exciting developments from Eventide.


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