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      Bought the EQ65 and really like it, the low cut has lots of beautiful “woody” character. However I came across a severe bug regarding automation. While automation does work while working in the DAW, when rendering a mix (in realtime) the automation is dragging far behind in time. Usually besteen 2 and 8 bars and sometimes even longer. I use automation a lot and the EQ65 plugin is the only that does this, so it seems to be a problem of the plugin, not my DAW or methods. Maybe you can look into it. It only happens when realtime exporting, it works when rendering silently.

      Another request: Please add a simple output gain control for future updates. Using an EQ/filter without at least being able to compensate for the loudness is a reason to chose a different plugin more often than not. Especially the bandpass settings would desparately need a makeup gain as the resulting loudness drops a good 10-20dB when using them.


      DAW: Steinberg Nuendo 10.3

      Windows 10 Pro


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      Eventide Staff


      Thanks for reporting this issue. We have found that certain DAWs will have automation issues during a realtime bounce, and we’re looking into a fix. I can let you know when we have an update that addresses this. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      I have also logged your request to add an output gain for EQ65, that’s a useful feature.

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