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      Is it possible to erase all presets from the H9 so I can start over with the presets I like? I have the Core and the presets it came with, which are not very useful to me. Using the H9 control from my Mac / iPad, erasing the presets seem to stick in the app, but they seem to remain on the H9 itself. Yes, I pressed the "Save" button and the message says it is saving it to the pedal. Also, I notice that with some presets I erase, they just get removed out of their current slot, but then get added to the end of the list, ad nauseum. I have multiple copies of the same preset at the end of my preset list. Very confusing.

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      There's no function for erasing presets. You could just create a dummy preset yourself called "Empty" or "Unassigned" and overwrite all of the current presets with that. 

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      Given what I understand you to be saying and how the H9 works, I would maybe do a factory restore or initialization (I forget what it is called). Then I would put the presets I create in the first spots on the H9 and then just limit the number I have to scroll through.

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