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      Didn’t do this out-of-the-box.I finally got around to programming expression pedal changes, and the first thing I set was the mix(Shimmer). toe is dry, heel is wet, and the numbers on the H9 app seem glitchy when following. The “mix knob” goes backwards too, when moving the pedal.

      What’s up? Why did this start, and why is the app reading my changes backwards?

      thanks fellow H9 lovers!

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      The ernie ball 25k should work correctly with the H9 if you have the cable connected to its out jack.  So, the most likely explanation is that you programmed the mix knob to move backwards.  An expression pedal mapping has a low and a high setting if you set the low value to mix 100 and the high setting to 0 for example then the mix knob will move backwards as you go from heel to tip.  There's more information about this in the section of the H9 Control manual about expression pedal programming (pg 14):

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