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      My MIDI controller (Liquid Foot Jr. and/or Pro) only accepts a TRS connection for vol/expression pedals. So, unless I'm mistaken, the recommended Ernie Ball pedal, the VP Jr. 25K, will not work with my controller. However, Ernie Ball makes a stereo version of that pedal:

      According to the product description, it appears I can connect the pedal to my MIDI controller using the B input/output. So far, so good.

      But will the pedal work with my Eventide pedals just as well as the regular, mono version of the pedal? The pot value is still 25K. So far as I can tell, the only difference between the two EB pedals is that one is stereo, while the other is mono.

      Thank you,


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      Hi Jeff,

      Yes, we have had success using the stereo version of the 25k Ernie Ball volume pedal as an Expression Pedal for Eventide Stompboxes.

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